Worlds' Best new Universities 2013

Higher Education is an industry these days and it can be hard to pick a good school. While there are hundreds of universities in every country throughout the world there are different tiers of universities. Here are some of the best new universities in the World for the year 2013.

1. Pohang University of Science and Technology - Located in South Korea this school specializing in Science and Technology is home to 3300 students with a modest tuition fee of only $5400.00.

2. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - This sprawling school located in Switzerland educates some 8500 students, each paying $2700.00 for their education privileges.

3. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - A top South Korean school for science and technology educating over ten thousand students and having extremely fair tuition rates. Tuition is free for freshmen, and $3000.00 for undergraduate students. If students maintain a grade point average above 3.0 their tuition continues to be free. Students with a GPA of 2.0-3.0 will pay accordingly for their undergraduate courses beginning at $1465.00 still very reasonable.

4. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - This massive modern school with many amenities educates more than twelve thousand students. The tuition per student is $15,500.00.

5. University of California Irvine - This large scale institution located in sunny California houses more than 27,000 students at one time. Tuition for each student is $36,000 for non-residents of California.

6. Maastricht University - This university is located in Maastricht The Netherlands with a student body of fifteen thousand. Tuition for students from outside the European economic union ranges from $11,400-$12,700 depending on the chosen degree.

7. University of York - Situated in York England this university has a student base of sixteen thousand. Depending on degree students pay between nineteen and twenty six thousand dollars.

8. Nanyang Technological University - This gorgeous modern mirrored glass facility houses a whopping thirty three thousand students in Singapore. Tuition falls around twenty six thousand per student.

9. Université Pierre et Marie Curie - This modular university in Paris France educates thirty two thousand students with a low tuition of a mere $335.00.

10. Université Paris-Sud - This wonderful university is located in Orsay France. Twenty seven thousand students are educated there for absolutely free.

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