Which Smartphone is Right for You?

In todays' technologically advanced world there are hundreds of smartphones on the market to choose from. Narrowing down the search to the right smartphone for you can be a difficult task as they all taught a slew of features and gadgets that all seem to have their own benefits. In this article I will talk a bit about how to make an informed decision about which smartphone is right for you.

Which smartphone you choose can be largely attributed to what your main source of usage for the device will be. For users who are largely looking for a source of entertainment through music and apps, along with those who like to fit in with a certain crowd of techies will probably already know that they want an Iphone. Iphones do have their drawbacks they have limited storage space and are very brand centric meaning that Apple as a company usually doesn't allow the usage of freeware without jail breaking the device. If a user plans on wanting the phone mainly for business usage then they will probably want to lean towards the purchase of a Blackberry. Blackberries are geared towards the professional world and have lots of great features and apps to help you get-and stay ahead in the business world. They do not however have as advanced an app market as some other smartphones but they are reliable for professional use and many people prefer their build in BBM messaging system for chatting with their other friends who are Blackberry users. Many people however will just want a great all-around phone with access to lots of open source programs and a great variety of apps email, messaging, and a good quality phone. These people will want to go with an Android phone or a Windows phone. These phones are great option for very tech savvy people who want the absolute most out of their smartphone technology. They are available in lots of models and on lots of carriers throughout North America.

Another thing to take into consideration is what can be accessed on certain phones. Apple prohibits pornography on their devices where open source phones like android do not. While I don't personally think that young people should necessarily have this advanced technology at their fingertips, you will definitely want to consider getting a phone that doesn't have access to this sensitive subject matter if you are going to be handing it over to a younger person.

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