Interior Decorating Secrets - Decorating Tips and Tricks

A well put together home is a happy home. There are some simple and affordable tips you can follow to have a well put together and nicely designed home. Follow them to have a much nicer space to relax and live in.

1. Colorful Accent Pillows - Use pairs of colorful even mismatched but well flowing accent pillows to spruce up your couch and chairs. A little splash of color will really brighten things up and pull the space together.

2. Get a Bigger Bed - Believe it or not a bigger bed rather than a smaller bed will increase the perceived size of your bedroom.

3. Open Cabinets - Leaving a cabinet or armoire open can create visual interest in a room and add to the décor.

4. Use a Dark Wall Color - Choose a dark color paint for your rooms walls. Surprisingly a darker colored wall will expand the size of the room visually and make small spaces seem more spacious.

5. Display Collections - Find visually interesting ways to organize your collections. Choose matching color single item shelves and small intriguing tables. Clumping collections together in interesting ways can be a real focal point.

6. Use More Lamps - Using different groups of lamps in rooms for different uses can create interesting and effecting lighting. Try using one lamp on your nightstand for ambiance, and one small light near your headboard for uses such as reading.

7. Non Traditional Coffee Tables - Use an old crate or another repurposed item as a coffee table with attitude. Choosing a non-traditional coffee table will make your space more unique.

8. Plants - Pop a plant or two into an open corner for added life and mood.

9. Miss-match Chairs - When choosing seating for around your dining table don't use all the same type of seat. Choose a few matching chairs with a bench and a wooden love seat. Switch it up for more seating options and more interest.

10. Vintage Finds - Shop at second hand and vintage shops for interesting pieces that you can buy on the cheap and refurbish or refinish. This is a great way to get pieces that everyone doesn't have and that will bring a real unique feel to your own individual space.

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