Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Something most men fear is losing their hair. There are lots of things that can lead to hair loss but not all of them can be avoided. Knowing more however can never hurt in the battle against hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss is actually not an internal or external factor other than predetermined genetic traits. In other words if lots of people in your family have male pattern baldness or hair loss then you have a greater chance of it occurring to you in your lifetime. Most people that this is a factor for will see it begin to happen in their thirties or forties.

Sometimes hair loss is not permanent. There are certain factors like stress, puberty, changes in nutrition etc. that can cause temporary hair loss in men. This hair will grow back when these factors subside but can be scary none the less.

Although male hair loss is not always associated with illness or internal factors it can be a sign of internal factors. Things like Thyroid issues and Anemia can be causes of hair loss caused by the body not working as it is supposed to and therefore the hair follicles and scalp aren't getting all the nutrients and minerals they would normally receive. It can be important if you are experiencing hair loss and it is not something that is common in your family to not brush it aside and consult a medical professional to make certain that an underlying condition is not present causing the hair loss. Take note if there are other side effects like nail problems or skin problems as this can help determine if it is solely hair loss or if there is another underlying cause.

Hair loss can also be caused by things which we are all familiar with such as chemo therapy and the use of some drugs. This hair loss however is temporary and usually grows back within a year.

Regardless as to the cause of hair loss try to maintain a nutritious diet and exercise regularly to keep your body in good health and try to keep yourself in peak shape. Feeling good about yourself as a whole will help you in any situation you face including hair loss.

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