Ten of the Worlds' Greatest Jobs

It is always good to know what the best jobs on the market are. Each person will have their own opinion however about exactly what constitutes the best job. Some will agree that it is the best paying job, and some will agree that it is the most enjoyable job you can do for money. In this article I will be going over the best jobs for financial stability I hope you enjoy and learn some things about which jobs are most beneficial in the current year.

1. Actuary - Actuaries get paid handsomely to analyze stats and figures to calculate risks of death, injury, and illness often for use by insurance agencies.

2. Bio Medical Engineer - This field of medicine actually has the greatest potential hire rate of the year with a good pay rate for those qualified.

3. Software Engineer - There are lots of jobs with steady work in this sector as technology constantly improves and there is always a need for new and continually improving software.

4. Audiologist - There will always be an older generation and this line of work will always be there. As people age their hearing can go over time and techs are needed to analyze and diagnose this.

5. Financial planner - If you really want an income that is in the higher bracket try becoming a financial planner. With one of the highest incomes on the top ten list financial planners earn over $100,000 per year.

6. Dental Hygienist - The dental industry is a lucrative one and with dental care rates as high as they are dental hygienists and dental professionals will always be in demand. In fact it is hypothesized that the job demand is skyrocketing in this industry

7. Occupational Therapist - Taking the time to help the injured heal and rebuild their strength occupational therapists will always be in demand as the injured and sickly will always require assistance in rehabilitation.

8. Optometrist - A large part of the world is dealing with an aging population from the baby boomer generation. As this population ages jobs that cater to their care will be in higher demand than previously. Optometry is a lucrative field that will pay well while being able to assist others.

9. Physical Therapist - Similar in ways to the Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists help exercise and suggest exercises to rehabilitate injured persons after accidents, surgeries, or illnesses.

10. Computer Systems Analyst - As technology increases and companies go digital this field continues to grow. Lots of good jobs exist and will increase in number opening up many positions for qualified persons.

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