How to get a Job When You Are 40+

Everything is tough these days, including the job market. With so many people vying for the same jobs it can be hard to rise to the top if you are past a certain age. Don't lose face however, there are lots of things you can do to make your true potential known even when employers are inclined to go in a younger direction

Don't be sensitive about your age

Employers generally are not allowed to ask how old you are because of ageism but sometimes they will ask if you are over 18 to try and gauge how sensitive you are about your age. Don't react badly to it, just politely acknowledge that you are indeed over that age and don't make a point to make fun of the fact that you are more than a few years older than that. Be confident and maintain that confidence.

Phrases to nix

Although it may come naturally try to limit the use of a few phrases that may sub consciously influence employers against choosing you. Don't mention that you are applying because you are looking for a change. This could cause an employer to image you as a floater and they might associate you with someone who doesn't want to stay at their company for a long period of time. Also avoid the use of phrases that refer to your retirement or your interest in benefits packages. Employers are looking for long term workers that are filled with health and energy. Mentioning your retirement or benefits packages can completely go against you as the potential employer will see you as a shorter term worker and as someone who is less inclined to get as much work done as they would like.

Referring to your abilities with technology

A lot of people past a certain age are stereotyped as being incompetent with technology. While this does ring true with some people it is not necessarily true for everyone. Don't overstate your abilities about anything that doesn't apply to the job. If you are good with office software or computers in general go ahead and mention it, but don't necessarily make remarks towards being good with Facebook and twitter. It usually doesn't apply and just makes it sound like you are trying to sound tech savvy when you perhaps are not- this actually ages you. Mentioning your many years of experience

Mentioning your many years of experience

Although it is impressive to have 20 years or more of experience in a given field this can come off as aging to an employer. It is another one of those subliminal things that can cause a potential employer to image you as aged and ready to work towards retiring in the near future. If asked just mention that you have several years of experience rather than a set number. This will leave the imaginative window open to employers and make you sound more experienced than aged. Remember that you are qualified and deserve work just as much as your younger counter part. Remain confident and communicative and believe in yourself and you will be succeeding in no time.

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