Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips

Fossil fuels are becoming limited and the prices are usually high-not to mention that it is bad for the environment. In our and the Earths' best interests we should limit our fuel consumption. There are lots of things you can do to limit your usage here are just a few simple tips you can follow easily.

1. Carpool - One of the best ways to save fuel is to carpool. The more people that can car pool the more fuel usage you can save. It is also economically responsible as you can share the cost of gas bringing down your fuel budget

2. Take the Bus - An even better option than car-pooling if you live in a metropolitan area is to take the bus. This alternative eliminates the usage of gas for tens of people at one time. It is the best way to save on fuel for many people. A bus pass is also much cheaper than a months' worth of gas.

3. Slow Down - Driving at very high speeds makes your car work harder than normal and therefore burns more fuel. Keeping your driving to a lower speed will help ration your fuel consumption.

4. Pump up your tires - Make sure that your tires are inflated to the appropriate Psi. Tires that are lower than the recommended psi can consume more fuel than normal as it is harder for the car to move along the road.

5. Limit usage of A/C or Heat - The less you use your air conditioning and heating the less gas you burn. Instead try bundling up when driving to warm up or rolling down the windows to cool off rather than cranking the heat or A/C.

6. Close Windows on the Highway - When driving at higher speeds on the highway try to keep your windows closed. Having them open can increase drag resistance and therefore burn more gas as your car is working harder to truck forward on the road.

7. Turn on the cruise control - Start using your cruise control. Maintaining a uniform speed for extended periods of time saves on gas. Using your cruise control will making it exceedingly easy to maintain a uniform speed.

8. Ditch dead weight - Take any unnecessary heavy objects out of the trunk and back seats of your vehicle. The heavier the excess load of your vehicle the more gas you will consume to move it along on your journey. Eliminate this excess weight to minimize your fuel consumption.

9. Fuel Efficient Vehicles - Consider replacing your bigger gas guzzler for a smaller more fuel efficient car. Some cars can take as little as $30.00 to fill the tank and will not need to be refilled for a few weeks with normal usage. Of course this will increase if you are driving long distances regularly but there will still be less fuel usage and a lower cost all over.

10. Accelerate and brake efficiently - Breaking easy and accelerating slowly can save on fuel consumption by up to twenty percent. Not only will this save on your fuel consumption but it will also save your brake pads over time which is a win win situation.

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