15 Best Diet Tips Ever

It is important to stay in shape, and lots of us need a little help and motivation to get on the right track. The following tips are simple steps you can take to get on the road to a trimmer waist line and a healthier life.

1. Water - We all love a bottle of pop or juice but it can add a lot of unnecessary calories to our daily diets with little to no nutritional value. Try to go to water or calorie free beverages instead of a sugar laden drink.

2. Are you really hungry? - Let's face it sometimes we all eat for reasons other than being truly hungry. Try to assess before eating if you are actually hungry or not. Eating when we aren't hungry is a leading cause of excess weight gain.

3. Limit snacking after dark - Instead of snacking endlessly all night try to limit snacking during the evening. Either avoid snacking all together or go with some low calorie snacks like vegetables or fruit during the evening to avoid added calories.

4. Eat Whole grains - Try to reach for whole grain products like brown rice and whole wheat bread rather than the white counterparts. Whole grains are more easily digested whereas white breads are complex carbs which can cause weight gain.

5. Always have Protein - Eat some protein in every meal. Protein fuels our bodies well and fills us up better and longer than other food sources. Being full longer will help us prevent random snacking.

6. Allow your favorite foods - Completely eliminating your favorite foods while dieting is bad idea because you will often crash, give in and binge. If you allow yourself to eat a small portion of your favorites once a wee

7. Eat Dairy - Studies have shown that eating three servings of dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk) a day will help you slim down and lose weight. Make sure to get three servings from healthy dairy sources per day.

8. Small Dinnerware - It's simple, if you use smaller plates- they hold less food. Smaller plates and even using small silverware will help you eat less and save on calorie intake.

9. Green Tea - There have been multiple studies that suggest drinking green tea regularly can increase the metabolism and therefore help us decrease our body mass.

10. Oatmeal - Eating oatmeal or porridge for breakfast fills up the belly and helps you stay full longer into the afternoon helping you avoid a mid-morning snack attack.

11. Avoid T.V. - Don't eat in front of the Television. Studies have proven that eating front of the T.V. takes our mind off of how much we are actually eating and allows us to eat much more than we usually would.

12. Get Physical - Walk to places you would normally drive to, take the stairs instead of the elevator, just move more than you normally would. The more movement we get the more calories we burn.

13. Eat out for Treats - If you want a higher calorie snack like a cookie or an ice cream go out to an ice cream parlor or cookie shop and buy just one so they aren't hanging around the house tempting you.

14. Fill your house with healthy snacks - If you don't have bad high calorie foods in your home then you can't snack on them. Keep your house full of healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables to avoid bad snacking.

15. Never skip Breakfast - Skipping breakfast leads to excess snacking through the morning and early afternoon. Start your day with a good balanced breakfast to avoid extra eating in the following hours before lunch.

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