10 Tips to Dress for Less Money

Looking good and making a good impression is more important than we may think. Here are some tips to look great on a budget.

1. Check thrift stores - Thrift stores are a great place to purchase second hand clothes that are still fashionable and less than half the normal price. Depending on the quality of thrift store items can be very new, even with tags still on.

2. Off Season Sales - Shop for items in the off season. Stores often sell winter items on sale in the summer, and summer items on sale in the winter to clear out excess stock. If you buy classic items you won't have to worry about trends.

3. Classified ads - often with really popular fads and high end clothes people will try to re sell them, checking classified ads is a great way to nab awesome deals on the higher end items you really want without paying retail.

4. Outlet Stores - Many brands have outlet stores where they sell off excess stock for lower prices. This can be a great way to stock up on essential pieces without having to shell out full price for them.

5. Clothing Swaps - If you live in a city check papers and flyers for clothing swaps. Here you can trade off your lightly worn items for others lightly worn items. You can find lots of treasures here for only your old clothes.

6. Flea Markets - Don't look past flea markets for new clothing finds. Lots of people sell off their lightly worn or seasons past clothing at flea markets. Some pieces are timeless and can be found here for great deals.

7. Discount codes - Make sure to check for discount codes before purchasing online this can lead to significant savings.

8. Sale Racks - Stores often have sale racks in the front of their stores which offer merchandise which is being liquidated. Often items are half price or lower and lots of nice pieces can be found for great prices.

9. Major Sale Days - Do the majority of your shopping no major sale days like Boxing day. You can pick up lots of great articles of clothing to look great for super great prices!

10.Key Items - Instead of having a huge wardrobe buy ten or so essential pieces that can be mixed and matched. Buy classic items in patterns that all go together and neutrals. These pieces will be timeless and if taken care of will last you years without wearing out or going out of style. It is also easy on your pocket book.
I hope these tips will help you look great on a budget, and keep your costs for looking fabulous to a minimum.
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